Comindware Project Review — An Intuitive Solution for Company Project Management

It is not rare to find employees complaining that it is the toughest job on earth to manage different kinds of tasks the company has assigned to them, with a particular date for completion and other requirements.On the other hand, an extremely sad reply will be there if we are to ask a Project Manager, how hard it is to manage all these projects using traditional project planning solutions out there, including pen, paper and charts.

Nevertheless, there are a number of solutions that can turn this toughest task of project management into an easy one — and Comindware Project is one of the best choices you can make. Available at, Comindware Project is a reliable solution that aims easier management of various projects and tasks in a company as to enhance productivity and profit of the firm in the long run.

In this post, however, as we hope you to be a bit dubious about this PM system, we like to do a deep review of Comindware Project by having a look into noteworthy aspects of this easy-to-use tool for businesses. We’ll start with a basic introduction of Comindware Project so that you will rarely doubt how it is going to have its effect in your company.

Comindware Project

Suppose you are fed up with the traditional method of project planning, executing and management of projects that involves the use of a lot of efforts, paper and resources! If you hope a transition to tech-powered management will have a noticeable effect on, Comindware Project is the solution that awaits you! Using Comindware Project, which is from Comindware — one of the trending developers that focus on business-based software solutions, you’ll be able to create a strong nexus between the whole company, by planning projects in a wise way.

Roughly, working process of Comindware Project can be said to be the blend between Planning, Collaboration and Execution, despite the fact that the tool has far more features than you expect. Now, we will have a deep glance on various aspects of practical aspects of the tool.

Project Planning

As we said, planning projects is an easy task, when you have Comindware Project implemented at your company. By means of the intuitive User Interface of Comindware Project, you will be able to plan your project in accordance with your requirements and priorities. By giving top priority to your priorities, you can skip a lot of other stuff such as the allocation of resources and interlinking of tasks — everything will be in a straight line. In addition, if you have been using Microsoft Outlook for project planning, you have an option to import data.

Project Planning

Project Tracking

Once you have created your plans and projects, the next step is all about making sure that everything goes according to your plans.

To your respite, Comindware Project has a truly useful project tracker section that lets you get a look on what is going on in your company, including realtime status of each project. Also, if you think of modifying some of your projects, it will be as simple because Comindware Project has a unique Work Breakdown Structure that helps you to break down the entire project into easy to understand components that make sense in the long run.

Ability to track deadlines and other details about a project, quite seamlessly, is an impressive feature of Comindware Project! You can set deadlines alerts and baselines as well so as to ensure proper functioning of various tasks of the business

Project Tracking Image

Team Collaboration

Comindware Project has a dedicated section named Comindware Team Network that helps user to enhance internal communication aspect of your firm like never before. In this sector of Comindware Project, you can create discussion rooms and public rooms to keep in touch with different parts of your company.

For instance, if you are going to have a launch event of a new product, you can create a public discussion room and then bring different people from other departments of the firm to have a meaningful discussion and thus make the launch event something superb. Also, it consists of a Organization Chart and Company Directory that helps you have an overview of contact details of your company.

Team Collaboration Image

Our Verdict

Considering all what we have said, Comindware Project is something great, indeed, especially while we take its easy to use Interface into account. Well, what do you think about Comindware Project? We are eager to know.

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