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4 Type of blog post that actually make money online.

Recently, few of my online friends asked me to guide him to earn money online. Besides a popular blogger in his niche, he was not able to earn sufficient money […]

How to Backup Android Data to PC using iStonsoft Android File Manager

These days’ mobile phones can be used as a storage device. Besides the contacts and the text messages, you can create, modify and save an array of different types of […]

How to Apply for Google Adsense – Approval Tricks

Well, this is a follow up article for my previous article with the same title “How to get Google Adsense in less than 2 days“. If you have not read […]

How to target your readers 100% all the time

“Content is king!” If used properly who wants constant targeted traffic on their website. No doubt you have heard or read this little pearl of wisdom on thousand of blogs […]

15+ Motivational Quotes and pictures

Motivational Quotes are used to boost the moral of the people to live more meaningful life and work more effectively for themselves, their families and of-course for their Nation.  In […]

Improve Page Rank Using Editor Choice Plugin

Improve Page Rank using Old post and Editor Choice WordPress plugin ? Most blogger’s have already shared how to give new life to their old post and suddenly you came […]

How to Create Classified Ads Site Using WordPress

Have you ever tried to create classified ads site ? No problem if not allow me. Classified ads are the form of advertisements which is very commonly used in newspapers, […]