Blog You vs Real You

If you involve yourself in fashion or lifestyle blogging, then you’re probably front and center when it comes to your blog. While the fashion and home items you feature take some of the focus, the thing that ties them together is you.

Of course, this is one of the reasons these blogs are so popular. We all have a bit of the curtain twitcher about us, prone to trying to find out more about other people. Blogs offer an insight into people’s lives in a way that society has rarely had before. There have been a few famous diarists over the years, but never has there been the ability to have quite so much insight into the average person.

While this may be one of the blessings of blogging (especially if you’re prone to oversharing anyway), it can also be a downside. That’s why there needs to be a line of separation between Real You and Blog You.

Not too sure how that might work? Then read on…

Real Problems vs. Blog Problems

Blog vs Real

There are some things that you are going to want to keep offline. Even the most candid of bloggers has private secrets and experiences that they hold back. Few of us have the confidence to make our lives warts and all – we want to present a glossy, attractive version.

So when you run into a problem in your real life, then think hard about whether you want to share it on your blog. Just because it happened to you doesn’t mean that you need to write about it. You are entitled to a private life, and besides, a little bit of mystery for your readers might even be beneficial!

Real Home vs. Blog Home

There is nothing wrong with putting a wall between you and your blog readers. Anything you offer to them, how accessible that you are, depends entirely on what you feel comfortable with.

Successful bloggers tend to develop a core of faithful readers. Some, for example, may want to send you a card or even a gift on your birthday. That’s lovely, but it doesn’t mean you have to take the massive risk of giving out your home address. Instead, use a service like to put a dividing line between Real You and Blog You.

Real Friends vs. Blog Friends

friends forever[rawpixel]

If you’re going to write about your friends on your blog, then you have to ask their permission. Even if they are prolific users of social media, or even bloggers themselves – ask and make sure they don’t mind. This is especially true if you want to tell stories about them or that involve them. You might be comfortable with splashing your life online, but not everyone is, so try and keep this in mind.

Real Enemies vs. Blog Enemies

In general, it’s a good rule that if you have a real life “enemy” (such as a neighbor you have had a disagreement with), you should keep it off your blog. When you publish a post, always assume that everyone you know or have ever met is going to read it – because there’s a decent chance they will! Don’t insult someone online; it could make your offline life a lot more difficult!

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  1. I am really agreed with your suggestions of having a rival, when you have a blog. It will surely helps you to boost your overall worth.

  2. such a great article, motivational and i also agree with your suggestions. thanks for sharing.

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