Bigger than Steve Jobs? Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is no more with us. Perhaps you have heard this? Steve Jobs is one of the greatest innovator and visionary of our times and will be remembered like that.

“MichelAngelo of our  times – N.R. Narayanmurthy , Founder Infosys”

Narayanmurthy is right in his tribute to this greatest CEO of our times, who have just changes the way we live in our digital life. Think about computer, Music, Entertainment , communication, if you are fail to imagine a single image. Then this article is not for you. You are in a wrong place

So if you want to grow bigger then steav Job then firstly we have to learn the lessons steve Jobs taught us.

Focus, Focus and Focus:

What is the meaning of this word “Focus” here. Look at the apple website and search their catalog. How many products do you really able to locate. Thousands, Hundred or only Few. Steve only produced few product and create a whole system around them

So the Advice here from steve Jobs is always think big and not think about hundred or thousand of small products.

Think People no product. :

This is great force behind steve jobs legacy. He always thought about people, how their people be benefitted not how our product would beneficial for the people.

Keep it Simple :

This is one of the most talked word in apple Inc. Look at the apples product and you will be amazed to know that their every product is so simple and innovative even a 8 year old can operate it so comfortably.

Involve People :

This is the another great idea, Coined by steve Jobs. Just imagine about apple store and you will notice, How apple store have changed the way a single application/innovation has involve a whole community behind his product. Now there are more than 500000 application available for apple iphone and ipad. Every new developer is promoting apple product, Developer is promoting his/her product simultaneously promoting apple product. This is a classical example followed by google in it’s Android.

Think Differently :

“Successful people do not think different , They think differently”. This is very true for steve Jobs. Suppose you want to buy a new mp3 player for yourself. What is your first choice ipod, what next ? next ? perhaps it would take time to think about second brand. When steav entered in this business , there were a lots of mp3 player. Now his different perspective change the whole scenario. So there is always space for innovation. Innovate, Innovate and think differently.

Build Your Team :

You are nothing without your team. Apple has wonderful cafetaria with organic food, Self fitness center and a lots more for their employee. Steve always believe that a happy team will always add value to your organization. Keep your employee happy and try to build your team.

Friends and Family:

“Friends are much more important then the brother – Unknown”. Brother we can not choose, but friends we comes in our life naturally. they love, care, support and live with us.

As an entrepreneur/ blogger you work so hard for so many years, you tend to forget about your friends and family. All you do is live, sleep and breathe business. At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with that, but you also have to spend time with your friends and family. Money will always be there, but your friends and family won’t.

We all know that steve live his last moment with his friends and family. He left apple to ,his baby- “brain child”, for his family and friends.  We all have to figure out in our life, what is more important to us business, money or family and friends. Do not forget about your priorities.

Passion :

” The last American who know, what actually is doing “.

In my opinion these are the best lines to describe the passion behind this great visionary. He love what he was doing, even working harder when he was not well.  that’s how much he love this work

Don’t just do things for the money, do things because you love what you are doing. You aren’t going to live forever, so enjoy your life while you can.

“Success is not what we have achieved, success is what we love to do –  Seth Godin”


Steve Jobs is no more with us. I have no words to express my feelings. May God bless his soul and may rest in peace.

May be some of us come out from the shadow of steve Job and live his legacy. Feel free to come out and express your feelings

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  1. He always thought about people, how their people be benefitted not how our product would beneficial for the people.

  2. used tires says:

    Yes, after they fired him in 1985, Apple was going downhill fast until he came back to the company and took them back to the top. I wonder how Apple will fare with his leadership now permanently gone? They may not be as successful ever again.


  3. One of the great person passed away and that is Dennis Ritchie.

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