Behavioral Targeting – The Future of Business

Despite being a very common strategy employed by many businesses and companies that deal in big money, behavioral marketing, targeting is a relatively unknown marketing strategy that is rarely mentioned but commonly employed. Ever since the whole idea of behavioral targeting came out, the whole business world has been on it like bears to honey. But what exactly does it accomplish?

Behaviour Targeted Marketing

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Behavioral targeting is a technique that web admins and publishers in order to create more effective and efficient marketing strategies. This is usually done with the use of specific apps and programs that monitor the activity of a site. It also allows site visitors to customize their site subscriptions and preferences to get only what they want, when they want it.

The Lowdown on Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting works by creating a specific profiling pattern on each customized visitor’s page, allowing the visitor to browse only those topics that are within their range of preferences, as well as to receive recommendations about topics, products, or services that would be more interesting to them, reflecting their general attention to topics within the range of the recommendations.

A very good example of this is Gmail, a free source email service that recommends sites and products that the user has previously searched on Google. This attempt to pinpoint which products are within the person’s range of interest also increases the chances of that person actually clicking on the said ad. Behavioral targeting works by creating a profile of what you mostly search for, and offering suggestions for products similar to or within the range of those queries.

The Benefits of Behavioral Targeting for Publishers

If something as big as Google employs behavioral targeting to help increase their overall profits, it must be a very good thing indeed. In fact, many other websites (social networking sites and general sites alike) employ behavioral targeting as a means to ‘link in’ the most interesting things for a user, thereby increasing the chances of ads or services being viewed upon by those online.

Their ploy is to use behavioral targeting to link users to sites that experience a lot of traffic or activity, as they only recommend sites that offer the best content and services available. The range of advertising is also increased yet centered on areas that a specific user or client may seem to show a specific interest in, thereby increasing the chance of views which is by far a better alternative to just random ads.

Online Retailing and how it can Benefit from Behavioral Targeting

It is a given that if a man wants to buy cheese he won’t opt for chocolate. This is what behavioral targeting does – it gives the right range of products and services to people who might show some interest in such things. Online retailers benefit from behavioral targeting in that they can focus their ads on a specific demographic and they can be sure that such adds will indeed be viewed by that specific demographic via recommendations and site suggestions given through the use of behavioral targeting. This results in a potential increase of sales as well as customers.

How Behavioral Targeting Benefits Users

Nobody wants to get ads that they’re not even remotely interested in, and it just becomes more of an annoyance than a help if you’re plagued with adverts that you don’t even find helpful. With behavioral advertising, you only get the best kind of suggestions and adverts to help you find that exact product, item, or service that you need.

Behavioral advertising provides users with content that is relevant to their fields of interest, so a hunter will only view ads that have something in relation to his hobby, and so on. Not only does behavioral targeting reduce the hassle for marketers, publishers, and potential clients all at once, it also provides an easy means to increasing the chances of overall profit for two parties, and satisfaction for the latter third.

For more information on you can read Maxymiser’s guide to behavioral targeting which provides a lot more in depth explanation on behavioral targeting as well as other web analytics aspects for your business.

This is a guest post by Ruben Corbo which writes about various topics including tech, online marketing and smartphone related topics. He’s recently been diving into Behavioral Targeting & Personalization and A/B Testing topics. When Ruben is not writing he is producing and writing music for short films and other visual arts.

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  1. fem says:

    Online stores advantage from behavior focusing on in that they can concentrate their ads on a particular group and they can be sure that such contributes will indeed be considered by that particular group via recommendations and website recommendations given through the use of behavior focusing on. This outcomes in a prospective improve of revenue as well as clients.

  2. Sandeep Kumar says:

    Hi Rakesh……
    Bro……first I would like to say thanks to you for such a good article….

    This is my kind of article…..fill with analytics, information and it is not repeating the tips that has been published thousand times…..

    I like innovative articles like this one….but then again…..there is a criteria of mass vs Class….. very few blogger want to read such informative article……..most of the bloggers want to read article like

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    but for long term business we have to focus on such elobrative and innovative articles.

    • rakesh says:

      You are right, this is the reason we have something common, You are also sharing such things on your blog. When we start blogging we just start writing anything that comes in our mind and hope to have a huge reader base. You can not retain your reader base with stale information. You will have to research. Thanks sandeep for coming and commenting on this article. Hope to see you very soon.

  3. Hi Rakesh,
    I see you did some extensive research on behavioral targeting. Nice post.

    Anirudh Bahadur :)

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