Automatic Social Bookmarking software plugins or manual method

Social Bookmarking site are now the second largest source of targeted traffic Generator of your website. So what do you basically Do to bookmark all your links on these social bookmarking sites?

Link building has become a routine for each site owner who wants his web site wants to produce it to the top of search final results inside the internet.

Apparently it seems search engine rule the internet platform and only favors web sites which it considers well-known. To get your internet site viewed, you must create a lot of relevant back links so that as the search engine robot crawls other web-sites with high page ranks, your website is recognized.

Social Bookmarking is getting more and more popular and with many new social networking sites offering free bookmarking services its popularity will only grow in the coming years.

The best thing about social bookmarking is that it lets you save your links onto the web where it is easily accessible to other users who would find your site through the keywords you assigned to them. Social Bookmarking is also good for link building. When your web pages get bookmarked on these sites, you also get a free back link to them.

Many social bookmarking sites offer a free browser toolbar or some Javascript buttons. By installing this toolbar on your computer you will be able to bookmark the pages you view in your web browser. With some bookmarking sites, you can even import your IE Favorites all at once.

Manual Social Bookmarking Method

For those who are using manual method to submit their links on social bookmarking sites always quote these lines.

Solution of this Problem 

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WordPress and other content management system had come up with some wonderful solution for this common problem. They developed some social Bookmarking plugins, using these plugin reader can submit the link on his/her desired social bookmarking site.

Advantage of Manual Bookmarking

One clear advantage of this method is – a single link is being shared by the legitimate users of that social bookmarking site and thus you get a loyal targeted traffic.

Favors might be given in return if you also bookmark other people’s content relevant to your keyword. So don’t be imply, it is a social network exactly where folks interact.

Disadvantage of Manual Social Bookmarking

There is one problem, though -TIME!  It takes a lot of time and effort to manually bookmark every page on your site. You have to visit one bookmarking site after another and then bookmark your web pages using the tools they provide.

Install social Sharing /Bookmarking plugin besides your article, It has greater ROI then at the top or bottom of the article.

Automatic Social Bookmarking software-plugin

Of course, this is not quite impossible using manual method. But this isn’t the best way of doing it either. While social bookmarking is an effective means of getting a steady stream of organic traffic, most webmasters are tired of doing it manually. Don’t you think that it would be great if you could automate the process? Well, you know what? It is possible.

A lots of social bookmarking software are there to automate your work. ONLYWIRE and MAGIC SUBMITTER are two famous premium software/plugins available on the internet.

Though the results of ONLYWIRE is very Good and throughout my research on this topic, They have a specialized wordpress plugin to do this.

Hack Behind Automatic Social Bookmarking software

social media covered my onlywire

1. Automatic Bookmarking software/plugins cover a lots of social media and bookmarking sites, Without your presence on these sites. You will only get backlink not Targeted Traffic.  They submit it with some automatic user name and password not having your complete profile with followers and interest.

The Major Disadvantage of Automatic Bookmarking software is – They does not create/interact with the same minded people on that platform.

2. As per my Knowledge only few like Stumbleupon and digg are able to send some decent traffic on my website, Traffic from other social media sites are next to Nil.

3. The same content on a lots of social Bookmarking sites may dilute your presence on the search Engines, They might treat this as duplicate contents.

4.  For Small time blogger like me or You who post 4-5 post monthly- $10 for marking them on two to three social bookmarking site, for them might be little bit costly.

Some free social Bookmarking software site and service are also available on the internet who proclaim that they can bookmark your site on 100 or 200 social bookmarking sites. Yes they do but the type and quality of that type of backlinks are ………

Final words on Social Bookmarking software

Building back-links making use of social bookmark sites should be completed correctly. You have to be able to recognize web sites that are relevant to your content material and have good quality details.

You must also recognize that not all bookmark websites will give you top quality backlinks. So just going about tagging your sites URL on each and every social bookmark website is not a strategy here. In fact you might be penalized by search engines for spamming. Should you be not specific, get an professional to help you using the procedure and avoid these 10 mistakes on social networking sites?

Bookmarks with high rankings incorporate Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and digg. which will automatically reward you with great page ranks. Your web page must also have top quality and fascinating content material offering relevant facts towards the user.

Do you have any other idea to enhance your presence on social bookmarking sites?

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  1. Oscar says:

    Quite an Amazing post. I already knew about Bookmarking Demon for some time now, but haven’t tested it yet. Thanks for listing it’s disadvantages also. Nice post.

  2. Elumkings says:

    Building backlinks by use of social bookmark sites is the best form of backling plus guest blogging..

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