10 Golden reason To Promote Your Site on Article Directory

Article Directories are dead? and You are Trying to tell us promote on article Directories? Are You Crazy? This may be your first response, if you are reading Search Engine Optimization Article on the Internet.

Most of the Bloggers and Search Engine Enthusiast will suggest you “Guest Posting” and also tell you numerous advantages of Guest posting and also tell you why not target article directories for better ranking.

If you are not new to seach Engine optimization,Should you be looking for a method to promote your web page, then article directories could possibly be just what you need. Write-up directories enable webmasters to post articles and such directories offer myriad benefits to webmasters.

Let’s take a look at the many advantages provided by write-up directories below:

Top 10 Reason to Promote on Article Directory

Reason No : 1

Are you looking to promote your internet web page but you don’t have an advertising spending budget? This can be a typical difficulty for webmasters and write-up directories present a fast and quick answer. When your articles have been accepted in an article directory, you’ll obtain that other members use your write-up in a variety of newsletters, forums, ezines and web sites and also the use of your article will prompt a lot more visitors to your website. Therefore, after submitting various articles to any 1 of lots of article directories, you’ll locate that not only do you boost your web site visitors, but you’ll also quickly develop a returning internet audience.

Reason No : 2

A great way to increase your sites’ popularity is by writing articles and publishing them on write-up directories. If you are looking to become an professional inside your genre, then you could be rest assured that write-up directories is the fastest route to establish your expertise. After you’ve written and published several articles in article directories along with the articles are reviewed and utilized by other webmasters all over the world, you will come to locate that your name will turn out to be well recognized and revered as a person that really knows their enterprise. Thus, you get the benefit of absolutely free advertising along with the chance to create your reputation as an authority within your industry-all for no cost when employing write-up directories.

Reason No :3

A single article, once it has been distributed can literally appear on hundreds of internet websites. The cost-free exposure gained by the utilization of article directories will need to not be underestimated-just as word of mouth is effective advertising, so it is with what internet visitors read online. Additionally, if your well-written articles appear repetitively on quite a few internet websites, internet visitors will come to recognize and appreciate your expertise and their recognition of your function will stir their desire to access much more of what it’s you supply.

Reason No : 4

Utilizing article directories gives webmasters all of the rewards of the old pyramid selling approach without having the price. As webmasters promote your articles, you’ll find that the promotion continues to grow. For example, if one webmaster promotes your write-up and four or five other webmasters see your write-up and also like it sufficient to make use of it on there internet site, then that 1 posting can result in four or five additional postings and so on and so forth.

Reason No : 5

So, how does your write-up promise you web site traffic? It can be fairly very simple; make sure you add a biography and insist on a working hyperlink. By having webmasters add your biography along with a working hyperlink along with your write-up, web visitors can discover somewhat about you and know precisely where to come across far more of your function when they’re interested. If readers enjoy what they read, an uncomplicated click on the agreed hyperlink will immediately lead them to your site and enhance your web visitors.

Reason No : 6

Thanks to write-up directories, webmasters can link up with extra popular web sites and gain far more visitors based on the websites they’ve develop into related with. There are numerous extremely preferred web sites that get literally 100,000’s of page views per month. Such views can right away boost the site visitors to your own internet site and later, generate an enhance in the direct visitors of your internet site.

Reason No : 7

Write-up directories supply uncomplicated solutions for webmasters seeking content. Let’s face it; webmasters don’t constantly feel creative nor do they usually have the spare time they must generate web content. Alternatively, webmasters are continually seeking content to match their web-sites theme and your articles can be chosen from write-up directories to assist webmasters fulfill their will need.

Reason No : 8

With the write-up directories, you will immediately boost link popularity, which also boosts the rankings of your site in search engines. Consider it; the more links on the web that point to your web page, the higher your web page ranking is. For that reason, as your articles get posted all over the World Wide Internet, not just do you gain popularity within your field, but your search engine rating with parallel your popularity and subsequently improve.

Reason No : 9

Article directories allow you to post articles that are well written and knowledgeable. Further, the much more knowledgeable the write-up comes across, the extra interested a reader becomes within your work. Hence, with a stirred interest, internet visitors will desire your expertise and will purposely seek out your most recent writings.

Reason No : 10

Finally, right after you have grabbed the attention of web viewers by using article directories, you’ll need to do every thing you can to maintain their interests. The easiest and most efficient way to keep a viewer’s interest is to continue to write new and refreshing articles on a regular basis and submit them to write-up directories. This way, you may successfully derive the advantages obtained by way of the use of write-up directories on a common and ongoing basis.


Though Article Directories are no longer used my the advanced SEO experts to grab better rank, still i strongly believe article directories can help you to generate thousands of back-links for your few articles with little efforts. This method is specially helpful for new blog and forums want to grab the attentions.

How you utilized this information for your blog or website. Do not hesitate to share with us.

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9 Brilliant Comments - Join Discussion Now!

  1. Jimmy says:

    I have to agree with most of what your comments. In particular the second point.

    Choosing good directories is essential. Many directories feature PLR and automated software rehashed articles which suffer from some or all of:
    1 Don't read well because of the automated software limitations
    2 Are usually viewed by google as duplicate content
    3 Because of the poor use of language and plagiarism risk destroying your reputation instead of enhancing it
    4 Usually is an ill fit with your own particular niche market

    RSA Blog shows an active role in maintaining the integrity of its directory, for example requesting profile updates – this helps eliminate and flush out most of the trash.


    • rakesh says:

      Jimmy, I think you are absolutly right, Changing your profile is also as important as submiting on a Good article diectory.

  2. LMargison says:

    The way I prefer when submitting to article directories is to write it for my SEO blog then re-write it manually for directories. Spending a lot of time on the first version (which ends up on my blog) and just quickly re-writing for the article directories.

    Either that or writing a '10 step' (etc) article and submitting each step as an individual.

    • rakesh says:

      Thanks Margison for this wonderful feedback on this article, Hope to see you very soon.

  3. Hello..
    Article submission has many benefits.. One can gather a huge traffic on the site through it.. I have been doing article submission regularly for my website promotion and it has created many bank links.. One can definitely achieve high ranking with the help of it..

  4. Therefore article marketing and advertising with article directories actually have multiple benefits as you’ll be building links for your internet site as well as getting yourself well known.

    • rakesh says:

      You are right ‘Earl’ these are some evry comman benefits, you actually receieve for your submitted articles. Hope to see you very soon

  5. Thanks for your sharing! However, may i know is it the same article that you submitted to many of article directories? If yes, will it be considered as duplicate content? Hope that i can learn from you.

    • rakesh says:

      Basically article submission software comes with article re-writer or article spinner. using that article spinner we can create multiple copies of the same article and submit on different article submission sites.

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