9 Best WordPress Theme Option Panel Framework

WordPress Theme option Panel framework allow you to add theme options panels to any WordPress themes you develop. Admin Panel Theme Options are the dividing factor that make a WordPress theme truly Premium.

Admin Panel Options give an End user that powers by solving the interface issues and providing them the true power of that particular theme.  It also help you to scale new heights as a WordPress theme Developer.  A framework fill the gap between the developers, designers and end users by solving the admin user interface issues that arises when creating a custom theme.

Before using any admin panel user Interface framework, I used to use my own developed framework that was little bit clumsy and took a lots of time to master.

But, using these 9 WordPress theme Option Panel Framework, you can create any complex Theme admin panel in no time with ease.

1.  Options Framework


The best part of this Framework is –its free simple and a lots of self taught WordPress theme Developers are already using this option framework to create admin panel on their custom WordPress templates. web2feel.com is using this framework to prepare admin panel of their free WordPress templates.

The Options Framework Theme has all the code included to build a out a full featured options panel. It’s a bundled version of the Options Framework Plugin for those folks who want to build the options directly into the theme (rather than relying on a plugin).

2.  Option Tree


With OptionTree you can create as many Theme Options as your project requires and use them how you see fit. When you add a option to the Settings page, it will be available on the Theme Options page for use in your theme.

OptionTree is a project sponsored by ThemeForest, the largest WordPress theme marketplace on the web, and was originally conceived to help ThemeForest authors quickly power up their themes

3. UpTheme Framework


A powerful, lightweight theme options framework. A compact standalone theme options framework that contains extensible engines for SEO, custom layouts, typography, and much more.

4. Acera Options Framework


If you want to really lighten up your premium WordPress Theme with its inbuilt Admin Panel that support almost everything that is available on a premium theme – logo uploading to font selection. This theme option Framework comes with complete documentation BUT remember this is a framework not a plugin.

5. ProPanel – WordPress Theme Options Panel


ProPanel is an easy-to-use code set that enables you to add a Powerful Options Panel to any WordPress Theme. Whether you’re a seasoned Theme Developer or just a beginner, you’ll have no problems at all working with the ProPanel.

Key features include:

  • Seamless Dashboard Styling
  • 10 Powerful Option Types
  • Ability for Unlimited Pages
  • Plug-and-play Setup (you’ll be up and running in minutes)
  • Completely White Label
  • Educational Training Videos

6. Premium WordPress Theme Options Panel


If you are really serious about your admin panel and want to impress your Theme users with its admin panel interface, I think you must see its demo using the above link.

With Premium WordPress Theme Options Panel you can create option panels for your themes in seconds. You can add unlimited option pages, each with as many options as you like, and you can even add custom PHP pages for when your pages require a little extra juice. The script comes with a few modules like an import/export module, update notifies module (to notify your customers) and even a support module so your customers can easily get in touch with you.

All settings and pages can be configured in a config file, and it’s really easy. An extensive documentation as well as a few videos is included in the package

7.  SMOF – Slightly Modded Options Framework


SMOF is a back-end framework for creating and managing options inside WordPress themes. It cuts off the process of developing your own admin framework and give you more time to actually focus on building your theme. SMOF comes bundled with plentiful of options that should serve most of the needs of any modern theme authors.

The main feature of SMOF is its intuitive, user-friendly interface that aims to look as native as possible to WordPress. Additionally, it comes loaded with some awesome features that makes it even more usable to you as a theme author.

Some of these are:

  • Native Media Library Uploader
  • Native WP Color Picker
  • Drag and Drop Unlimited Slider Options
  • Layout Manager
  • Tiles
  • Backup and Restore
  • Keeps the site URL out of the database
  • Google fonts with live preview
  • Jquery UI slider
  • …and much more(including base elements inputs, textarea, etc.)

8.  Redux Framework


Simple, easy to use, very extendable Options framework for WordPress themes. The Redux  Theme Options Framework has many built in features, buts its best feature is the way it allows you to create / extend the framework. By creating field classes, validation classes, or custom callback functions for both field, and validation.

9. iPanel – WordPress Options Panel Framework


iPanel is a great wordpress option panel framework. with iPanel you can easily setup professional option panels. iPanel can be used easily both in themes and plugins. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced developer there will not be any problem with using iPanel.

Hope these WordPress Option Panel Framework will help you to develop your very own Premium WordPress theme, if you are able to find out any such framework that is worth mention in this list through your comments.

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  1. Rakesh Guptha says:

    Thank you so much for a great resource. I have learnt developing new themes myself, but never went out for trying this as I was afraid of coding and stuff. This added a lot of things to be learnt. Bookmarked it and thank you for a great resource. Can you please let me know the best framework according to your experience? Thanks,

    • rakesh says:

      If you are asking my personal view among all these framework then ProPanel – WordPress Theme Options Panel is the best to use and deploy but it cost $15. If you are ready to invest this amount then it is the best to embed and on top of it developer is ready to share his knowledge with its buyer.

  2. nice post sir, i like it because after reading your post i got some new framework for my wordpress theme. right know i am working on smof framework on my oven wordpress theme . it is Awesome frame work and i am know in this feild so i will try your freame work in feature for my wordpress theme development :)

    really Awesome post and informative you made my day sir ji.

    Rahul Kashyap

  3. Gyanendra Giri says:

    Great List…!

    I have used Propanel, Option framework and tried Redux Framework.

    Propanel is easy to use.Since some best seller themes on themeforest like “Karma” is best on it and develop by its developer.
    Option framework is good and has flexibility to use as a plugin or directly code into the theme.

    I had tried Redux few months ago when it was not listed on wordpress plugin directory.It was on Github.

    I will try all these framework this weekend.

    Thanks again for sharing the list. :)

    • rakesh says:

      Seen You after such a long time,kindly try to update me with your experince, so that we can also share the same with our other users. Keep in touch Gyanendra.

  4. This post just helped me help a client of mine that needed a very complex form in their site. I was struggling to get 3 plugins to do the job, and it still wasn’t what they were looking for. After reading this, I downloaded gravity forms, and 2 hours later, their perfect form is up. They think I’m a genius! Thanks for this post!

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