7 Tricks to Increase Adsense Earnings CPC, RPM and CTR for Forever

Increase Adsense Earnings – make more money from blog is one of the major and biggest passion of a blogger. Adsense program is one of the main source to make money from blog. Various companies run this type of program but Google’s adsense product program is more popular than any other brand. Hence the policies and terms of the program are too strict which is the main reason of many bloggers to dislike Google adsense.

Some of the bloggers are making decent income from this program and some are demotivated due to not getting good earnings from it. Those who are getting their morale down, I have a tip for them “Let your expectations high with adsense untill Google doesn’t increase your adsense earnings”.

increase adsense earningsEnforce Google to increase Adsense earnings  CPC value. If you don’t know how you can ask Google to increase adsense earnigs, don’t worry about that. Here I’ll give you seven tips to make more money from this Google’s product.

Good CPC paying keyword selection for Increase Adsense Earnings

Keyword plays an important roll everywhere for a website’s optimization to increase adsense earnings. It also plays a vital role to get best earnings from Google Adsense. If you are new in blogging field or looking to start your new website, then you should select best CPC (cost per click) paying keywords.

recommended read :

Here are top 5 high CPC keywords…

- Mesothelioma

- donate car

- Insurance

- Medical lawyers

These are at the top in the list to get high CPC value from Google’s adsense program. Other niche are Luxury theme, Automobile can also give you good money from Google. If you are thinking that you don’t get money from blogging niche site, you are wrong. You will get money from these niches too but not in a big amount as compared to above niche sites. For same adsense stats, your earnings will be low from above keywords containing sites income. So choose your niche carefully before starting a new blog/website.

Don’t choose such niche to get high CPC value where you don’t have interest to write. If you do not write quality article there, your audience won’t look to come back again to your site. So choose niche so intelligently.

Devils’ Tip : SpyFu is such a Wonderful Tool which  can spy on your mentor website/method used to make huge money online. Na na na No more information…..Check it out and say  HUGE thanks to me later.

Remove Technical issues from your website

Technical problem associated with your site can lower down your adsense revenue. Such issues like crawlability, too much loading time can lead you not to make good money from Google. Now days in adsense account, you can easily find out why your adsense earnings are low with the help of score-card at the right hand side of home page. Site performance issues have to be solved as early as possible.

To avoid crawlability issues, Take your site to the good server providing companies like Hostgator. I was also facing the issue of crawlability before few days ago and my adsense score-card was showing this problem. It gives me suggestion to improve my adsense earnings by providing this message…

“There are certain issues facing by the crawler to read your site content. Hence it will affect your CPC revenue.”

I fix this problem and score-card show green signal this time for crawlability performance. If your page load time is high, you can reduce it by taking your blog at CDN (Content Delivery Network). It will enhance load time of your site so amazingly.

Display ads in a proper way

Showing relevant ads, their proper format and design can improve adsense earnings. Many bloggers forget to display ads in a proper way which is one of the most important factor to generate good income. Ads type, size, design, placing and position matters a lot in revenue sharing.

Recommended ads type and size :

Various kinds of Ads, you can show on your site like image and text ads. Google recommends publishers to display both type of ads i.e. text &image. Also brand recommends to show various size of Ads like Large Rectangle (336 x 280), Medium Rectangle (300 x 250), Leader Board (728 x 90) and Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600). By following these recommendations from Google, we can increase adsense earnings.

Design, placing and positioning of Ads increase adsense Earnings

Here designing means the color background of your ad unit, especially for text ads. Suppose, your website background is gray and the color of text and links are of black. Then to display an ad unit with gray background and black text ad, can lead you to generate passive income from Google adsense.

To place Ads at a good position can also make your account full with bugs. As per my experience with adsense, you should display ads at the bottom of post title and at the ending of your post. Showing ads in the middle of post can boost your earnings too much, but if your CTR gets too much high it also be a big problem. So if you can manage ads in between post’s paragraphs, you should use “Ad Injection” Plugin to display ads.

Top tip : Display ads at the top of your site, maximum time viewers don’t like to scroll.

Display relevant ads

To increase adsense earnings, one must show ads relevant to the site niche. Look if your are running a blog of automobile and you are displaying ads of fashion and entertainment, then you are losing plenty of dollars. It is because your audience won’t be interested to see those links or ads, they will interested to see cars and auto industry links.

You can block the ads from your adsense account. There is a option on the menu bar at the top i.e”Block my ads”. Use it and stop displaying certain ads.

RPM is also one of the major factor to increase adsense earnings, NevYan’s Kingdom had inspired a lot of people to look once more at their RPM and given some wonderful tips.

Page Rank boosts adsense revenue

Domain’s page rank (PR) also increases the adsense income. If your site’s PR is good your earnings will be enhanced. You will get more CPC revenue. For example if one site (PR-1) adsense publisher earns 0.20$ for one click then another site (PR-5) will make 1.0$ for the same cpc value.

It is believed that high page rank sites earn more money from adsense program with great CPC value. So focus on PR of your site too. It will definitely increase your money with Google.

Don’t do too much internal linking :-

It also considered that doing too much internal linking in the article, can give you the loss of hundreds of dollar. Thinking How….???

Look when a visitor is offered with lots of links in an article, he might get irritation. He might not click on any link due to the various links he is getting there. So you will miss bugs also when they don’t click on links and ads. So avoid excess of internal links.

Display Google search box

Google search box also enhances the adsense money earnings. Show at least one Google search bar box on your site. Hence whenever a user requires to find something, he can easily search from that search bar. The results display in the search bar includes relevant results with ads also. Visitor can click there too and money will be in your account.

You can display two search boxes on a website.

Increase Adsense Earnings from Google analytics

Good analysis of stats in Google analytics can boost your adsense earnings. You have to find out on which keyword a user is coming to your site and clicking on ads. Track on which search, at least once the visitor is clicking on the display ads.

If you find it then work on that keyword and optimize your site for that key-phrase, it will help you a lot to increase your adsense earnings.

I hope this article is beneficial for you to increase adsense earnings from Google. You can share this article on your social circle and if you have any query, do not forget to raise through your comments.

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  1. Drizzy says:

    Thanks for this beatiful info. I will apply this on my website

  2. Slickson says:

    Does this method still works ?

  3. Ade says:

    Thanks, this will improve my web site traffic by 100% thanks again

  4. Saif says:

    I’ve recently created a blog on Blogger, the RPM is currently around 0.30$. Can you can please tell me how I can increase it. Or does it depend on the total number of posts on my blog?

  5. The different ways and techniques that you have listed are great, and I think, most of us here would be already following that. There must be more than these ideas to increase Adsense RPM. At this time, I consider one smart way to boost RPM, if you are looking for improving Adsense RPM quickly, just make sure you are allowing best (high paying) advertisers on your website, by barring or adding any low paying advertiser from your AdSense account settings…

    Moreover, it might be advantageous for you to attach Google Analytics with your AdSense a/c. This will advise you to check where the improvement in the earnings is coming from. Frequently it occurs when a page on the website rises in search rankings. In case, if your organic search count has increased, they are much more likely to click on AdSense ads if they are arriving from Google than the social sites or a referred or traffic buying site. The visitors for the Google search are very targeted to the topic of yours page. But yeah, on the other side, not sure about the image ads. From my own experience, the visitor tends to stay away from them. I need to practice to know more about this. Let’s see…

    Anyways, thank you so much for all these. Definitely, it will encourage me to concentrate on each and small things to improve earnings. And FYI, now I have done some of this but not all. I will be updating my Adsense account today, or in case, I need any, I will post here for you to anwer.. :D

  6. Rayband says:

    Nice article; this will go a long way to helping adsense publishers. Thanks so much. Already applying it on my blog.

  7. Here I would like to turn the focus on Real Time Bidding. It’s one of the proven strategies to increase ad revenue. Since your inventory is sold to the highest bidder in real-time, seasonality can always be a factor. For instance, advertisers could intentionally be bidding lower across your site during a particular time of the year while saving their higher spend for a later date.

    Decreases can be typical during the start of a new year, new quarter and/or new month. The best thing to do is either wait it out, or change up ad placements/sizes across your site in order to see if you can’t find a better combination given your site’s content and audience. Any changes made can take demand (advertisers) at least a couple of days to adjust and catch up.

    Hopefully, this will help you increase your revenue potential!

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