8 Scripts to earn money online without doing anything

Earn money online without doing anything on the internet? We all love free money all the time and there is a famous proverb ” There is nothing like a free lunch” but I came across with some innovative ideas using them, believe me, you can also earn a lots of money without doing even a single hour per day.

Yes that is true?

But before giving you the perfect information let me remind you first for this – either you have to learn some programming first or have to spend some money to get that ………………………………………………….. Left this portion knowingly

8 ideas to earn money online

actually it is now 8 ideas after WallPaper WordPress theme, so i decided to rename its main heading from 7 to 8.

1. Wallpaper WordPress Theme

When one of my friend declared that he was able to generate $3500 on the new year eve just creating a wallpaper wordpress theme on the Facebook then suddenly I came to know that it is one of the oldest method to generate a huge money from such websites. Just install this theme and enjoy

front end of Wallpaper WordPress theme

Wallpaper WordPress theme This theme is able to generate multiple copies of the single uploaded image file and very much user friendly, based on WordPress so there is no need to worry about SEO and Google penalties.

Demo of Wallpaper WordPress theme

BackEnd of WallPaper WordPress theme

settingpagewallpaperthem_thumb.jpg Built in Ads Manager to enhance your earning through all types of ads like adsens and BSA.

2. Music search Engine Script

mp3-music-search-engine script If you have a script that automatically help you to earn money online. Just install that with ads and forget it. NO need to update every second song to its library. It automatically collect all the songs published anywhere on the net.

Sound impossible!

Yes it is possible? My new mp3 song search engine is able to do this without even attending this for a decade. Still it can fill your bank with real money. Just check out its demo site.


This is on my sub-domain so you can say this is totally my own property. If you need this script then contact me at : rakesh@binarynote.com

3. Funny Image WordPress Theme

Funny Image wordpress theme earn money online

This is another idea to earn money online without writing even a single article for your own website. We all know that people love to share funny images on facebook , twitter and other social media and Most of the time these images and videos are not copyrighted. Using my funny image wordpress theme you can generate handsome amount – using these free floating funny images or funny video. Funny image wordpress theme demo

4. Logo Creation Software

We all needs logo for different purpose but let me remind you, how many of you are ready to pay $50 or $100 for your custom made logo? Nor you are a Photoshop genius. So start searching for online logo creation software and landed on a website, the same type of script can help you to earn money forever. Remember till this date I could not find any such script along with a magnetization role. But this is one such goldmine that you can set and forget to live your dream life.

5. Website Value Calculator

website-value-calculator script Have you not calculated your website ever ? if yes then I am sure you have also noticed the ads these type of websites display as well as give the result of last 100 or 1000 most valued website. Your vey own website value calculator can also bring a lots of traffic and offcourse money for you, if used wisely day after day forever

More information and Download Link

6. Time Line Cover Creator / Bank

Creative timeline cover page If I ask a totally dumb question to you, who is the number one website in the world according to traffic ? perhaps your answer will be Google


Right now face book is number 1 website according to the latest released data. You tube is 3rd. Twitter and Google+ is also gaining momentum right now.

So where is the point?

Point is all these platform use timeline cover and each user want , next to perfect timeline cover for his/her profile. Thus thousands of users search for timelive cover. A timeline cover designer tool along with monetization option is best solution to generate passive income forever.

7. Image Resize Script

This is another idea that can also bring real money. I do not know how much you are perfect in photoshop , at-least, I am not. So what I do. I have bookmarked some websites which help me to crop, resize all types of images ranging from PNG.,PNG , GIF ete. Right now there are a lots of image resize classes are freely available but if you or your programmer is able to convert them a full fledged website. but, I could not find out any real script which we can install along with adsense ads and forget that, if you could locate any such script. Do not forget to inform us.

8. Quote Bank

Quote of the day



if I would tell you every day approximately 6000000 quotation are searched on Google every day? Then your reaction may be the different one. A script that has more than 60000 quotations, classified and categorized and have options to add your very own quote+ adsense – Sound easy money? Yes it is easy money all the time. YOU have to just create some quality backlinks for your this site and………….

More information and Download Link

Your Turn on these innovative ideas

“I can only show you the path, but you have to travel through it” this is the famous quotation in matrix movie, the same I can :) , I have shown you the path, its up to you. How much benefits you can reap from these methods. if you find this article useful to earn money online without doing anything, do not forget to appreciate it through your comment, that is the main fuel for us. BTW you can also share on your social circles.

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  1. Emma says:

    Hi Rakesh

    Thanks for offer great post on website scripts; is there any possibility to add more site calculating things to the Value Calculator scripts. Moreover, do you suggest more scripts on what money making websites can be generated.


    • rakesh says:

      Hi Emma, There are a lots of such niche that is there to be explored like here in India Bank IFSC code is required to any type of bank transaction so people love to search IFSC code. This is one such script that can do wonders if implemented properly. I have such a great list of such ideas where we have to start a service and forget it to update. It will automatically keep on generating money.

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