6 Reasons to choose G suite

In an age when the Cloud has become an economical and convenient alternative to conventional technologies, businesses of all sizes have many reasons to switch to the new technology. G suite allows you to get access to complete suite of tools from Google, including the Cloud, for free.

G suite is simply a series of tools provided by Google for an effective and efficient business environment. You get access to a wide range of apps within the suite, ranging from email, file storage to document editing to communication and much more. Here are 10 reasons why every business, professional and anyone who relies on IT should choose G suite.

1. Cloud-Access

G suite provides easy and instant access to the Cloud without any complications. You are provided with the familiar ‘Google’ environment and storing files, collaborating and accessing is as simple as a few clicks. There is no need to go through complex processes of cloud configuration and management. It’s a breeze to work with Google Drive. You can get access to storage space starting from 30GB to 1TB to unlimited storage per user. Choose a plan based on your changing needs. It is both economical and simpler to use G suite for all your data storage needs.

2. Access & Collaborate Anytime-Anywhere

Do you want your employees to access specific files? Do you want to allow your clients to access respective files? G suite enables both data access and collaboration, anytime and from anywhere. No matter where your team or clients are located, you can allow anyone to access files and collaborate together. All they will need is an Internet-enabled device – a computer system, a smartphone or a tablet.

There are no complications when it comes to creating an online environment for collaborating on projects. Work together on the same document or sync the documents to ensure that you are able to keep track of all the changes. Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides have a series of features that make them valuable tools for business applications. They can maintain unlimited revision history, thus eliminating all sorts of confusion.

3. Gmail

Gmail has proven to be among the most efficient and widely popular web-email service worldwide. Google’s KISS concept has extended to Gmail and made it a running success. With G suite, you are able to leverage the power, simplicity, flexibility, speed and features of Gmail. The platform allows you to choose custom email domain names to build brand awareness and credibility for your business.

4. Security

G suite comes with advanced security features that provide high level of security for your data. You can configure and control the security levels. It follows Google’s proven 2-step verification system for both document access and communications.

Premium accounts feature advance audit features to provide you all the information required to check any breaches. You can also generate reports for protective security management. Google’s proven security systems put you in a far better position compared to competitor products. Using Google Vault can help you meet regulatory and legal compliance requirements for ensuring data security and privacy.

5. Centralized Management

G suite provides you a simple dashboard for centralized control and management of the entire environment. Control who on your team gets access to what. Keep track of processes and boost your organizational productivity. The easy-to-use dashboard saves you time from setup to running the system.

6. Google Sites

Google Sites is another easy-to-use tool allowing you or your teams to work together in creating or maintaining websites. Building sites is no longer a complex code-enabled process. With G suite, there is no need to have web designing or coding skills. Gather all the relevant information in different formats – text, videos, audio, presentations or calendars, and build your sites and share with anyone you want – within the organization, with clients or with the public.

Google continues to enhance G suite. New tools are continuously added to further enhance your business’ productivity. With the capability to access G suite over Android, iOS, Windows and all the commonly used platforms and the wide range of tools it offers, it offers unmatched value for everyone ranging from personal to professional to business users.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi Rakesh,

    It’s a nice piece of content and gives good understanding why we should use G-suit.

    I will definitely buy it for my business.


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