5 Online Shopping Tips to Save Money and Stay Safe

You have made at least one online purchase, haven’t you? Did you ever come across a situation when you craved out for a price reduction due to the budget constraint?

online shoping voucher codeThis article is written for you who want to make the most out of online shopping. Gone are the days of hectic offline markets. And, we are living in the e-commerce era. Unlike offline market, the online shopping doesn’t always work like buy and pay.

Sometimes, you need to make the payment upfront as well. That’s why you need this guide to be safe while shopping online.

You can also find some money saving tips as well.

Online Shopping Tips

You are going to read five e-commerce tips. And, bearing those in mind is going to help you in multiple ways.

#1. Always Buy from Reliable Sites

Lately, there was only Flipkart. But then came the global e-commerce giant Amazon into the Indian market. And, now people are launching e-commerce sites regularly. So chances are you may get fooled by scam marketplaces.

Hence, always purchase from reliable websites like Flipkart and Amazon. Though I mentioned only two, they are not the only genuine e-commerce sites.

Be open to the scam alerts your friends post on social media sites. Ask them what went wrong. In case you find fault at e-commerce vendor’s side, feel free to overlook it when you want to buy something online.

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#2. Check the Price Carefully

The price of things online is volatile. You can’t always see the same price. It may go up or down based on the circumstances. That’s why you must check the price twice or thrice before making the purchase.

Do you have a habit of adding items in the cart and buying it later?

Then, you should follow this tip as the price may go higher. You may be surprised after the balance reduction if you don’t check it right before the purchase.

#3. Make Use of Discount Codes and Promos

The ability to decrease the price is one of the additional advantages of online shopping. Along with the reduction, the seller makes, you will be able to cut the price down further using the discount codes and promos.

Truth be told, the internet has been spammed with millions of invalid discount codes. So you keep disappointing yourself if you go for a discount code hunt.

Don’t worry. You can use Shopclues online shopping with discount here to save some bucks here.

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I didn’t say the internet is devoid of working promo codes. But you must devote a considerable amount of time to research for getting it.

 #4. Check for https

When you are on the checkout page of any site, have a look at the address bar. Can you see https there along with a lock icon to the left? Then, your security is not completely at stake.

The lock icon and https is given to a site by an SSL certificate. Every reliable site has secure socket layer aka SSL certificates to felicitate the safest payment.

In case a seller asks your credit card or sensitive banking details over mail or any other contact medium, ignore them for your goodness. If you give them the same, they will prove that emptying your bank account does not need much time

And, don’t forget to choose the safest payment method like PayPal. If you ask me for the best payment method, I will go with cash on delivery or COD. It’s risk-free among the lot. But you must have to opt for others in the lack of COD.

#5. Make Cumulative Purchases

Do you want to buy an OTG cable? If it’s not urgent, wait some time to have more product demand or ask your friends whether they want to purchase anything online. Because buying a cheap product compels you to pay delivery charges or shipping costs.

In Amazon, you won’t have to pay the shipping charge for products above 500 INR. Hence, always try to buy things altogether. The parted purchase only does harm to you.

Apparently, this tip is not valid for expensive products as they have no delivery costs.

Wrapping Up

Hope you grabbed something incredible from the five online shopping tips above. If you want to get more online shopping tips, click the link.vouchercode India Blog

Remember the internet is just like the real world where both good and bad men disport. So better stay away from a relatively new e-commerce site to stay safe. Wait for it to reveal the true colors either by betraying the customers or by earning their trust.

You are free to make purchases from already established sites.

Do you have any other tip to add to this collection? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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  1. vijayb says:

    Hi Rakesh,

    Very informative article,thanks for the information and keep writing such amazing articles.

  2. In my opinion these are the best above mentioned online shopping tips i have ever noticed. Making the right use of online coupons as well as cumulative purchase will be a great option for buy things online in an efficient manner. Thanks for your sharing it will surely help me next time to purchase items online when i have to buy.

  3. Hi Rakesh,

    Thank you for sharing a responsible article for the online shoppers, Now a days how many ever benefits we have for online shopping, similarly we have same insecurity for our money and products. so we really need to take care while doing online shopping.

  4. You can save alot of money while buying things online. There are many discount offers available on various shopping websites. I prefer to buy grocery and home furnishing items from ShopingExpress, which is the best website to buy a variety of things.

  5. Ziya says:

    Coupon code always helps to save the money on online shopping. Thanks for sharing.

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