3 Reverse Image Search Engine-Search Images using Images, not Keywords

reverse image search engine

Have you ever tried to find out where your image posted online without even proper credit to you or your website. – Google ? Do not say Google. Google does not search similar images –it search the images having similar keywords. Though it has excellent record to find out similar site,to build tons of backlinks.

The solution of this simple yet more daunting problem is reverse image search Engine. So how do you search your stolen images on the internet.

Using below Google query you can find out all the indexed images on your website. Open www.google.com and type the following Google Query

site: binarynote.com

rsatechnologies images indexed by google

and you will receive the images indexed by the google on your website. This is another very good way to check how much your Images are optimized for the Image search.

Lets have a Look in the below image search engine that are reverse in nature and does not use keywords to search a image.

1. Tin Eye reverse Image Search Engine

tin eye reverse search engine

This very first Image search engine does not check keywords or metadata to search images instead of that use image identification technology to find similar images. Non commercial use of this image search engine is free.

Simply upload your image or supply your image url to search where does it been used and reused, modified or cropped, even it try to find out its higher resolution version of your image.

Whenever we upload or supply the image url , TinEye generate a unique a unique identification number /signature /fingerprint of that image and try to match all those images it has in its database.

It does not find similar images instead of that it find exact match of that image.

They also have tin eye firefox add-ons and Chrome extension, so that you can directly search your desired image right from your browser.

2. Byo Image Search

Byo Image search engine search images uses a unique search algorithm called piximilar visual, which analysis images for color, texture, complexity,region and its appearance.  This means it try to find out its proximity of that image not the keywords associated with that image.

rsatechnology inside byo search engine

The result of this image search engine was not as per the expectation, we have seen in the previous image search engine like Tin eye, still it was able to show some images with the same texture.

3. Google Images- Reverse Image search Engine

Not many of us use this great reverse image search engine provided by the search engine giant to search and explore the total images by the images.

Google Image search using images

They also ask to upload or provide the url of the image or drop the image in the search box. The result shown by the Google Image search is totally different as compared with normal Google.com results. Check out this video posted by Google to explain- what is Search by Image and how to use this beautiful feature.

Google Reverse Image Search / Search Image using Image

Conclusion :

Tin Eye was the original concept developer in this case, so the results are up to this date is more accurate then any other reverse Image search Engine. Google has shown tremendous growth in this field. It would be more interesting to see the results in feature, By the way how do you use these tools to tracks your own images on the web. Do not hesitate to speak to your mind or do you still have some other easiest method to find out your images on the internet.

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  1. Great to see some more ways of searching without using keywords,instead using images and videos as alternate to get traffic.Thanks for sharing!

  2. migisi says:

    Its really great to see the new technique for searching the sites. even our explanation for the traffic increase also is really nice.. thanks for sharing your beautiful post.

  3. midhun says:

    this is called fresh post,reading and knowing about this search method for the first time.nice work rakesh

  4. oneofyourstudent says:

    Gr8 work sir, always used the google images one, now i have some more..
    all thnx 2 u.. :)

  5. Ram82 says:

    I also suggest Macroglossa. ( http://www.macroglossa.com ) The basic operation is slightly different from Google and TinEye. Macroglossa seeks to identify similar pics to the image that is uploaded. No keywords, no ocr tool or colour sequences. It can however also be used as reverse search engine. It’s on Beta stage, a little time consuming, but it could become great in future.


  6. Ram82 says:

    Hi used visual search in mobile app development to test if this technology could be a new frontier in search field. Now i’m testing Macroglossa Api.
    For this reason i mentioned Macroglossa. They expose APIs and support the development of custom applications, in addition to the web search service.


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