15 Best Google adsense optimized wordpress themes for smart bloggers

Google adsense optimized wordpress themes ?  Am I gone mad? Is this your first response to see the title of this article?

No not at all

my dear  friend after years of blogging and free wordpress theme development , what I have seen and realized that most new bloggers as well as experienced one are still struggling to make some good money for their content, even though they have valid adsense account, good content to monetize.

So where is the problem?

When one of my friend told me……….with such a good page view and hard work Google is only able to pay me few cents at the end of the day, I was little bit surprised.

What do you think, where is the problem?  Low CTR, CPC!!!!

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No the problem is not low CTR or CPC, the problem is in the placement of ads and the design of their wordpress theme.  This forced me to collect the most amazingly designed, highly optimized Google adsense optimized wordpress themes. LOL is such a funny image Google adsense optimized wordpress themes for funny image niche site.

Most experienced bloggers may argue here that they have already tried and tested this type of wordpress theme for their blog, but I am sure going through these may force you to change your mind and try any one of them on your blog.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.

15 Best Google Adsense Optimized wordpress themes

These are the best premium wordpress themes designed to maximize your ads income whether it is coming from direct ads sale or google adsense, I am sure these will help you to increase Google adsense CTR as well as CPC.


This is one of the most recommended theme from us, They put ads spaces at the most sensitive place of any website.   I increased my Google adsense income almost 200% using these ad spaces.

This theme does not only optimize home page for adsense but also optimized single post for Google adsense, thus you will receive optimum output.

Admania Adsense ready WordPress theme

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download


flexible adsense ready wordpress theme

This is clean responsive magazine wordpress theme highly optimized for ads spaces, these ads spaces are even maintained in mobile version of the theme.

More Information theme  Download Link

TrueMag – Premium adsense ready wordpress theme

premium Adsense ready wordpress theme

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download

Volt – Responsive adsense Ready wordpress theme

premium responsive Google adsense optimized wordpress themes

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download


responsible Magzine theme for wordpress

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download

Bloggit – Premium Responsive Google Adsense ready WordPress theme

responsive adsense ready wordpress theme

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download

Made – Responsive review Magzine Theme

responsive magzine theme

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download

Bangkok Press


Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download

Good News

Good  New magzine wordpress theme

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download


swaggar magzine wordpress theme

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download

Max-Mag  – Premium Magzine wordpress theme

max mag magzine theme for wordpress

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download

magazon – Responsive adsense ready wordpress theme

responsive ads ready wordpress theme

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download


periodic wordpress theme

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download


Google adsense optimized wordpress themes

Demo & theme  Release Page     |    Download

PageSpeed – Faster than the Fastest Loading WordPress Theme

PageSpeed WordPress theme
PageSpeed is the faster than the fastest loading WordPress Theme, managed 99/100 on Google Page speed score, yet ready to woo you and your readers,will increase your adsense income at-least 200% increasing your CTR and CPC, after watching its demo, i am quite sure you can not decide for other WordPress theme for your blog or site. Clean Design and
More information & Theme Download Page

Points to remember while selecting Google Adsense optimized WordPress theme

Though there are thousands of WordPress themes out there boasting to be Adsense or ads optimized, some of them are optimized for header some of them are optimized for sidebar, some of them are free and some of them are premium.   Here is some point which you must consider before selecting any WordPress theme optimized for Google Adsense

  1. What you are basically going to receive from that them?  Does theme give you only the theme files or it does include a general documentation along with dummy data and images?
  2. How does that theme render your ads while changing its layout from desktop version to mobile version
  3. Does your Adsense optimized WordPress theme support  you to make small changes in  font color, fonts.
  4. Does theme support popular widget and plugins like most read post, top commentator, breadcrumbs, page numbering etc.
  5. Do not forget to check theme for SEO,  we have already published an article on this “how to select  seo optimized WordPress theme
  6. Does that theme rotate ads on a particular position or your are required to use separate ads rotator WordPress plugin for that.
  7. How theme enable you to change its logo and favicon.

If you are not able to make desired changes in your existing WordPress theme to increase your online income, I am sure you are missing a lots of opportunities for yourself.  When people write article why you are not making big money online then one such factor is investment.

A little investment in any of these highly  Google adsense optimized WordPress themes can turn you as a big time Adsense earner.

In this list we have taken only those themes which is best according to the bloggers point of view,ie clean responsive and ads  space optimized, if you think you have any such theme or link that must be here in this list , do not hesitate to inform me, i will be more than thankful  to you.

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  1. Del says:

    It’s higher to drop your key phrase someplace in the first
    one hundred words or so. That helps Google understand what your page is all about.

  2. Thanks for this great recommendations. Recently MyThemeShop released a theme that can push up the ad income by 25% at any wordpress blog. I wrote an article about Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Theme, Where I describe all the features about this theme. You can also add this into your list because I got that one really works for ad publishers.

  3. Shubhra says:

    I have used supermag theme, it is adsense friendly ?
    Its been more than a week, not getting mail from adsense. please f u can help?

  4. Excellent collection of ads ready wordpress themes. But All these themes appear as magazine themes My blog http://www.jivansutra.com is a normal blog with detailed posts. can you guide me about those ads ready wordpress themes which are best for normal blogs( means having right sidebar, same like yours) and available in wordpress.org repository. thanks for your help.

  5. can you tell me please which theme are you using. it is very attractive and widget ready. waiting for your reply

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Pawan, This is our own custom design for this website, If you want this theme, PayTm us $35 at 9871816901. As soon as the payment is realiazed, we will forward you its download link.

  6. Vrushali says:

    While I am not here to promote or market for a new theme, if I had to choose one from the list, I would go with the Adsense Theme from MyThemeShop.

    I don’t use Adsense on my most of the site, but I’ve been considering it. If I ever do, maybe, I’ll switch to one of these templates to see if it would support me to increase my earnings. All the themes you shown are really charming and elegant but are also premium. I will be happy if you could propose some free Adsense friendly themes.

    I personally worked more WP themes on my blog before, it was not so good in boosting the AD Revenue, but it was heavy in loading particularly for newbies like me that always looing to make money blogging from Banner Ad Instead of Affiliate Marketing. I would suggest any but newspaper style which is way better in terms of speed as well as mobile responsiveness since they also have quite extraordinary benefits like structured Data etc.

    Thanks for sharing all these themes with us, I know that they will help anybody to increase their Adsense earnings.

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Vrushali, I do not have right now any such list. But we have also developed some Free adsense ready WordPress themes that you can locate from my theme site http://www.themeauthor.com , This is the theme where I share all my developed themes. Govind is particularly important as this is adsense optimized and based on underscore and bootstrap. Hope you would like this resource.

  7. Really helpful, but most of the themes are not free to use they all are premium?

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Deepanshu, Agreed with you that most of them are not free as you are well aware that there is nothing like free food in this world. The same the most promising adsense ready themes are not free but if you can use adsense injection plugin to make any theme adsense ready and right now I am doing this on my other blog cbsetoday.com which is using my own developed free WordPress theme Govind. You can download the same from our website http://www.themeauthor.com

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