11 Proven Tips to Boost Alexa Page Rank With Fake Traffic

Alexa Page rank lets us know the quantity of traffic a specialized website is getting, but it compares your online site traffic because of the sites anywhere. Should your site has good Alexa Page rank, advertisers may be easily convinced to advertise with your site. (Text Link adds can be described as company which can help you in acquiring many advertisers on your behalf blog, if your alexa rank is useful). Sites with Good alexa rank get high ranking relating to the search engines like bing.

Alexa Page Rank is a site ranking assigned by Alexa Internet to measure websites’ popularity. It statements to have an availability of factors in deciding the blog popularity, but really it all depends mainly on usage data collected because of the Alexa toolbar.

alexa Page rank

Alexa Page Rank factors

The greater the ranking is, smaller number is a rank given. Influenced by Alexa, Google (Alexa Ranking 1) is easily the most popular website on the net, followed by Yahoo(2), Facebook(3), and Youtube(4).

You will find numbers of how to raise your alexa rank. Here are now top 11 methods to increase your website’s alexa page rank.

Tip#1  Install Alexa Toolbar

First, it is advisable to Install Alexa toolbar along with your blog post for the reason that site. You might already know, Alexa rank is set on such basis as the material collected via the Alexa toolbar. About the click on the visitor which has it installed might be counted when he visits your website.

As the webmaster from a personal website, first of all you must do may be to set it up on your browser and also yuor web blog to remain your house page making sure that every single time you open IE, you make a bit contribution to your own website for Alexa rank improvement.

Tip#2   Install Alexa Toolbar -again

Second, Install Alexa toolbar on all computers you’re able to touch. You can even your web blog while the main page. Push people you’re friends with to run Alexa toolbar.

Tip#3  Install Alexa Widget – Increase Alexa Page Rank

Perhaps you were wondering why these probloggers had installed these crap on their website. Now the  point is , you are required to arrange an Alexa counter widget on your own blog. Within the next clicked, it will likely be counted as traffic by Alexa, set up one that clicks it won’t install the Alexa toolbar.

Tip#4  Write article on Alexa

Fourth, you can write some articles about Alexa onto your blog or website. You can even open an Alexa column. Many webmasters wish to see these false claims. In case you write good articles, they’ve been prone to republish or check out them, course . would bring you traffic so because of this improve Alexa rank.

Tip#5  Use Webmaster Forums

Fifth, you must have to travel to where webmasters return to frequently and post the Link to your web page there. Generally, webmasters have Alexa toolbar installed. Have a trip into a webmaster forums to put in writing posts promoting your site.

Tip#6 Promote Your Blog on Alexa

Sixth, let your folks prefer your web blog on Alexa website. It isn’t really sure what amount of this can benefit your blog’s Alexa rank, marketing promotions campaigns to experience a good rating.

Tip#7 Write Good Article for webmasters

Seventh, you can easily write a column that webmasters may be serious about, such as an Seo column, to get more webmasters to talk to your site.

Tip#8 Use Alexa Redirection

Eighth, your able to use the Alexa redirection function.  http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?www.binarynote.com. Replace binarynote.com with the URL for your website.

Leave this redirected URL in blog comments as well as forum signatures. This redirect will count a unique IP address once a day so clicking it compound times won’t help. There is no official proof that redirects positively profit your Alexa Rank, so use with carefulness.

Tip#9  Participate in Foreign Forums

Ninth, If at all possible, take a look at some foreign forums or websites to build up your web site, for foreign surfers often install the Alexa toolbar. Digitalpoint forum attracts a lots of foreigner and almost every new or old blogger is available across the globe.

Joining forum does not mean just join it and give any garbage message to any one. Try to really help the people with your meaningful advice, sincere advice will automatically attract the visitor to your site.

Here in this case the hack is your signature on the forums site.  Your signature must link to your best article in this case , otherwise all the hard work on these forums will give you no permanent traffic at all.

Tip#10 Advertise

Tenth, In case you have sufficient funds, you’ll consider buying some pay-per-click ads to your blog. That literally brings abundant IP.

Tip#11  Use Alexa relevant Content

Eleventh, you’ll be able to links to Alexa relevant content as part of your more popular articles for your blog, or use Alexa redirection to back-link to other places with the blog.

These are some of the best kept secret to increase alexa page Rank, If you have some more tips and tricks to increase alexa ranking. Kindly inform us, so that we can update our self.

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  1. RAMI ISSA says:

    my website alexa arrived to 1.9 m and then increased to more than 2 m in fact i try many ways but your article really good for me

  2. mouthpiece says:

    I was able to find good info from your articles.

  3. Alena Sham says:

    I’ve a website (image website) means no content I uploaded only images, banner, logo and funny images quotes. Now my question is how I improve my alexa rank? According to your blog if we update blog on website regulerly, its good for the website, I completed agreed. Now my website ranked on world wide 5297238. So how I improve it.


    • rakesh says:

      Hi Alena Sham, In this case i would like to suggest you to do proper key word research and find out related LSI keywords. Your Image file name must be your long tail keywords and your Alt Text should also the same. Rest like Caption of your Wallpaper/ Funny Image should be the LSI keywords and the same way you are requested to define the description in about 20-50 words. And Do not forget to share these images on popular image sharing websites like Pinterest and Instagram. And install Alexa plugin in all your browsers and the same website should be your home page in all the browsers. These are some very small hacks that can help you to improve your ranking as well as help you to get good traffic.

  4. Sekhar says:

    I am implementing all these tips and achieving best results. Thank for posting.

  5. I was searching for the same and i really need this kind of article to execute on my blog. Thanks for the useful info really appreciated

    • rakesh says:

      Hi Gaurav, perhaps you would not believe in these methods but these are tried and tested methods so you can apply these methods on any websites.

  6. Chiranjit Paul says:

    I am also reviewing your other great postings… Thanks…

  7. i have installed alexa toolbar and i visit other webmasters blog with alexa toolbar installed and i comment there so they can comeback to my blog and make a comment so that way i have a unique visitor on my site. which decreases alexa rank more. google search results decreases alexa rank fastest.

  8. rakesh says:

    Thanks Akif Shamim for this valuable feedback, Hope to get the same sort of support. ;)

  9. rakesh says:

    Do not forget to update us Chiranjit. Hope to see you soon

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