11 Best wordpress Tutorial Sites for wordpress Enthusiast

It has been more than two years of my Blogging Life and i am using WordPress since last 16 Months. During this period i have seen many tutorial blogs about WordPress, Some are Great and Some are Greater. But for my visitors today i want to share what are the blogs i liked about. I have created a list of 11 best WordPress Tutorial Blogs. These blog are not the actual substitute of wordpress documentation.

1. www.labnol.org

Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog

Labnol is one of the most popular Blog from India about Technology, Internet and WordPress. Amit Agrwal is the founder of Labnol. He is a personal technology columnist and founder of Digital Inspiration, one of the most widely read how-to blogs in the world. His blog got millions of clicks every month.

2. www.WpRecipes.com

WpRecipes.com - Daily recipes to cook with WordPress

Wprecipes has a huge collection of wordpress tips and is updated frequently. It gives a lot of advice to help you customize and hack your existing wordpress theme to its full potential.

3. Net.tutsplus.com

Web development tutorials, from beginner to advanced - Nettuts

With the Tutsplus Network, they have a section dedicated to WordPress Tutorials. As always, Envato and the Tutplus.com network always offer innovative and unique tutorials that will make it easy to make your WordPress blog that much better.

4. www.shoutmeloud.com

How to Blog- ShoutMeLoud

ShoutMeLoud is one of my favorite Blog about WordPress Tips and Tricks. It owns by Harsh Agrawal. ShoutMeLoud has huge collection of WordPress Tips and Tricks, Theme Customization Tips, Adsense Tips and much more.

5. Hongkiat.com


Hongkiat offers a lot of WordPress tutorial articles,  and showcases many amazing wordpress themes to download.

6. Digwp.com

Digging into WordPress

Digwp.com is a great wordpress blog by Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr, that offers its premium tutorial in a form of book, and also has a tutorial section that will definitely be informational and helpful to readers.

7. Wpdesigner.com

Best 10 Web Hosting Sites by WPDesigner.com - Free WordPress Themes and reviews of Top Web Hosts

Wpdesigner is a great resource for those who want to design their own WordPress theme. Here is an example of one of their most helpful posts for me when I wanted to experience designing my own WordPress theme.

8. Speckyboy.com

Speckyboy Design Magazine - Web Design, Web Development and Graphic Design Resources

Speckyboy is a design magazine that has a section dedicated to WordPress also. Some of the tutorials are very useful in finding a great wordpress theme.

9. Smashingmagazine.com

Smashing Magazine

SmashingMagazine is one of my favorite place to find quality themes , and also checking out their Smashing Netowrk on the latest WordPress articles they have to offer.

10. www.Wpengineer.com

WordPress News, Hacks, Tips, Tutorials, Plugins and Themes - WP Engineer

WpEngineer is a developer’s resource with WordPress Tutorials that help Theme Develops and coders to implement more features into their themes. This is a whole blog dedicated to WordPress, not just a section, so you can be sure to find articles that will help you on everything for adding a metabox, to optimizing your coding. Its one of my favorite also.

11.  www.wpbeginner.com

WPBeginner - Beginner's Guide for WordPress

WPBeginner is a free WordPress resource site owned by Awesome Motive Inc. Founded in July 2009 by Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner has come a long way since. With more than million page views, WPBeginner has one of the most engaged communities in our industry. The main goal of this site is to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other resources for WordPress beginners, so they can improve their WordPress sites.


This list is not complete, Though I like these blog/site very much. It may be possible for you to come across some more interesting blog. Do not hesitate to share your idea with us.

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