10 reasons why you should not update windows 10

Windows 10 desktop Wallpaper

Windows 10 desktop Wallpaper

Windows 10 everywhere and this time windows is offering free updates to all its valid license holders. I am one of them who got this update free of cost and need not to say , Was very eager to update my existing windows 7 to windows 10, so that I could flaunt my new original windows 10.

BUT after its smooth and painless update on my system what I found ?


I was not able to work , Yes you read it right. So here are my top 10 reasons why you should not update your existing windows.

Driver ISSUEs 

The first thing I noticed on my system that suddenly my sound driver was not working, All the movies and songs that I used to play on my system became useless. There were no support driver available for my existing hardware that was working fine on windows7 and you will not receive any kind of help from your existing hardware manufacturer as they do not have compatible device driver.

Driver Issue with Windows 10

Driver Issue with Windows 10

Incompatible Software

As you people know we love to use Microsoft outlook for our email synchronization but alas it also stop working, with a lots of efforts we were not able to find out its working solution.

The same happened with WAMP server that we people use for our in-house WordPress theme development.

Antivirus are automatically outdated

antivirus support for window 10

antivirus support for window 10

Your antivirus became useless as most antivirus does not have support for this new beast , thus your system is more unsecure.   Though some anti-virus venders have already start working with new windows 10 but all of them is not fully compatible with this new beast. Please check your antivirus website for the compatibility issue.

Security ISSUE

The images taken by your built-in camera will automatically share your location, by default this is not closed on the windows system, you have to manually disable this feature.

Add remove Software

We were not able to find out from where we can remove incompatible software or some apps which we do not use on our desktop versions. Some Software are there all the time whether you want it or not.

Unnecessary Apps

Some apps which is designed for Tablet and mobile phone automatically appears on your system, does not matter you are running on desktop version or not. That was the most irritating factor for me.

Windows 7 Is still Better

Take away the free price and the fact it’s new, and what are you left with? An operating system that rights many of the wrongs of Windows 8, but isn’t massively better, or even in some places even as good, as Windows 7. The truth is Windows 7 is a great OS, and it will take something very special to beat it. Is Windows 10 that OS? A lot of Windows 7 users will say no.

Don’t Be Guinea pig for Microsoft

When Windows 10 arrives on July 29 it will be relatively stable, but it won’t be finished. Sure, it could be argued that with Windows now a service, Windows 10 will never be finished, but you can guarantee there will be plenty of bugs and inconsistencies in the RTM build, and it will likely be months before those are ironed out. There’s no need to be a Guinea pig for Microsoft. Just wait until the OS is stable.

They are stealing everything

Yes, I am 100% right just read the privacy policy which you have just clicked while updating your system to windows 10.

“We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to enforce the terms governing the use of the services”.

You have Time to Upgrade

Yes you have ample time to upgrade your windows 10. Windows 10 is going to be free for next one year. Wait for few more months so that your current software vendors / device driver software can roll out their new software update compatible to this new version.

Do you have some other reasons to upgrade, do not hesitate to raise your concern as a comment over here.

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