11 Best Affiliate Programs for Indians and Best Practices to mint them

Affiliate Programs are considered as the best way to make money online. Now a days, Indians are also trying to make money online. Some of them know from where to start and how to start , some of them start with the foreign based affiliate programs . People are mostly preferring affiliate program because affiliate programs gives more money than any revenue generating website.

Below is a list of top 10 affiliate program in India for Indian i,e they pay in Indian Rupees. Any body can make money by participating in these affiliate programs

1. ShareaSale ( Must Join Network )

This is one of the Best affiliate network  and had a very wide range of products, if you are a blogger and want to earn some handsome money through affiliate marketing then according to us this is a must join affiliate marketing site for you.

Why We recommend shareAsale

There are many great marketplaces like Commission Junction, Clickbank etc. from where internet marketers can pick and promote the products that suits to their blog audience but the reasons we recommend to use Shareasale are:

  1. Shareasale has a very user friendly and easy to use interface.
  2. You can sign up for almost any product you want. Products range from genesis themes to many fortune 500 businesses.
  3. Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead both type of programs are available there. Few programs pay 2 Tier commission too. Like Sign up for the WP Engine affiliate program and receive a minimum of $200 per referral!
  4.   Promote only those products that pay you well for signup like linktracker and genesis

There are a lots of such feature that I can list out here, In nutshell You must Join shareasale Now.

2. Inmotion Hosting

The second most recommended affiliate system for Indian is now inmotion hosting, besides one of the best WordPress hosting provider they are also one of the best affiliates in this industry.

Since, Paypal is available to all Indian Citizen thus the door for hosting Industry is also wide open for us. Some of the best features that attracted me to introduce this are

  1. Highest payout approximately $90 per signup does not matter your visitor sign for $3.65 per month plan or else
  2. 90 days cookies life time, perhaps highest in this domain
  3. Two tier Affiliate system- Rare in this industry

Join Inmotion Hosting Now

3. LongTailPro  Keyword Research Tool

One of the best long tail keyword research tool for all the people who have any type business presence on the net like blog, website or affiliate website. This simple software can make a lots of difference in their Internet life. A must try software.

Very Highly recommended keyword research tool.  Click me to Try long tail Pro

4. Amazon.com

Perhaps you are little bit confused now, the title of post say something else. No, i am 100%  sure !

first reason is – Amazon.com is able to pay you affiliate income even in any part of the world, second major reason is they have the largest inventory to woo you or your customer, from mobile phones to any type of accessories, you could imagine.

So if you are able to generate a webstore for yourself using this very simple to use WordPress plugin wp Zon builder for amazon, then i am sure you can reap decent money very easily.

But remember a lots of people are already using this software so it is highly recommended to use long tail pro  to select your niche otherwise all your efforts will end in fume.

For more information on how to create your own Amazon web store to earn affiliate money

Download Wp Zon Builder

5. Flipkart.com

Flipkart is one of the most popular online shop available in India and also their affiliate program is equally popular in india. They started their business from book but now their product are available in almost every category.

Their affiliates rates are different for different types of article for example they pay only 1% on electronics but 10% on book.

6. Yatra.Com

If you have travel website or blog, then you can setup and add the yatra.com search engine to your website and blog. You will be paid for every registration made by your yatra.com search engine. The hack in this case is they do not have affiliate program directly instead of that they have collaboration with another network affiliate program soogal0o.com.

7. vcommission.com:

vcommission is also one of the best affiliate website that pays you on NET30 payout mechanism or as and payout is generally made through Paypal or cheque. Weekly payments are also available forHigh performing publishers.

8.  Indiamart Affiliate Program

IndiaMART.com-India’s largest online B2B marketplace offers its online affiliate marketing program that lets its business partner websites, earn attractive revenue online upto 50%. IndiaMART Affiliate Program is the most transparent and reliable affiliates partner program from the most trusted name in online B2B (Business to Business) industry in India.

Becoming an IndiaMART business affiliate partner is very simple. If you own a website related to the business, manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, industrial trends or you are a business blogger and if that website attracts relevant visitors then you can start earning revenue from that. As an affiliate you need to integrate our business enquiry form on your website which will allow the visitors to fill in their business requirements and when that business enquiry is purchased by the supplier then you stand eligible to earn the revenue share of upto 50%, hence generated.

IndiaMART.com has been connecting global buyers with suppliers through its business solutions since 1996. By partnering with us you can get access to the services of the leader in online B2B marketplace whose affiliate program is well integrated with user-friendly reporting system and a dedicated support team.

So join IndiaMART Affiliate Program which is one of the most transparent online affiliate marketing program by one of the most trusted names in B2B in India i.e. IndiaMART.com.

9. Yepme.com

Yepme.com is a new enterent in affiliate marketing but as they know the true power of bloggers and affiliate value in this highly competitive world on online business.

Yepme.com deals in accessories of men and women.  So if you are  fashion blogger or you do write about the market trends or your site generate a lots of india specific traffic then it is recommended affiliate for you.

10.  Bharat Matrimony affiliate:

India’s Top Matrimonial website that will pay 25% of commission to you for every paid membership.For every high quality free profile that comes through your site, you will get a fixed amount. For every high quality paid profile, you will get a revenue share up to 25% which is applicable only for the first payment and not on renewals.

For every not-so-good profile that comes through your site, you will not be paid but you will get a revenue share up to 25% for every paid profile which is applicable for the first payment and not on renewals.  Payment is as low as Rs. 200 of you decide.

How to promote affiliate program

Joining affiliate programs is as easy as ABC, but earning from affiliate marketing is another thing. There are a lots of things to do it correctly.if you have not read my previous  article 3 most successful formula for affiliate marketing. Then here are its summery for you.

  • Separate  webpage : Most successful internet marketing Gurus strongly advocate this for a successful affiliate product, that is the only reason most of the successful product have separate websites  for their websites. These websites provide everything you need to know to promote you product.
  • Write a proper researched Review : People love to read user’s viewpoint on that product. your insight story can help them to procure that product. Do not endorse any product because it is hot on the internet or on youtube.  if you are little bit doubtful, you can refer my review on SEOPressor WordPress plugin not worth a penny – a SEO enthusiast review
  • Perfect Traffic : Stunning website, Killer content and suddenly, You came to know that  you are alone to read your great content. Do you thing you are going to make a very good affiliate income. No, not  at all. So the whole hack is “Targeted traffic”. Magic Submitter can help you to generate quick links and lots of targeted traffic on auto-pilot and .

Still confused how to do all these things,do not worry you can learn How to Rank on first page of Google always using Search Engine Optimization.

Things to Avoid to become a successful Affiliate

So, Now you know the affiliate programs and the success formula. But what about the most common hacks that does not allow you to crack any deal at all. Here is my points

  • Never join any affiliate program because some one else  is claiming that he/she is very Good product and  it is like a hot cake on the internet. if it is so hot why he/she is sharing with you and just increased one more competitor.
  • Never ever endorse any product unless until you are its’ real user or sufferer. I really mean it
  • Choose all product according to your niche. Your knowledge on that particular subject may be a deciding factor.

Your Turn

Affiliate programs normally needs websites to promote. Mere adding links on your website is not sufficient. Affiliate marketing needs a lots of efforts and how you create your own brand is much much more important. You can learn all these Internet Marketing Tricks by the Industry expert only for $1.

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  1. Amazing post bro. I have learned a lot from this content.

  2. Vinod says:

    Hi Swarnima,

    I would like to create my own affiliate marketing website. Could you please help me?

  3. rakesh says:

    Dear Vinod, First of all, Sorry for this late reply. Secondly there are a lots of paid/ premium plugins are available to start your own affiliate program. If you are new in this fields then i would not suggest you to invest your hard earned money on this. Instead of that i would suggest you to register your product on clickbank or click junction and first of all check the potential of your product. ~rakesh kumar

  4. rakesh says:

    sure, Just give me a call. I am always there. :)

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